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Wa treasurer confirms charges reduced after carbon tax repeal

Posted on June 20, 2020 by kristineComments are off

Wa treasurer confirms charges reduced after carbon tax repeal Updated New South Wales Liberal Democrat senator George Brandis says he has reduced the amount of charges his party was facing after a carbon tax repeal. custodia samsung Senator Brandis said his Liberal National Party colleagues had been advised of the carbon tax repeal only days before they were called to hand over to Labor in 2015. custodia cover samsung This meant a $1,000 fine for each member for each year they had not switched on their carbon tax. He said he had asked his party to hand over the information to the Australian Electoral Commission (AEC) within the allotted 30 days. custodia cover samsung “It’s only been announced in the last 24 hours and we’re on it and I’m confident we can make sure we have all of the informat더킹카지노ion we need so we can all take the steps to deliver as effective an election campaign as possible,” Senator Brandis said. custodia iphone “The Australian Electoral Commission 우리카지노are a body that is, in fact, more concerned with protecting privacy and the integrity of our elections than they are with their obligations.” But a spokesman for the Australian Electoral Commission said the party should be prepared for new rules in its upcoming federal election campaign. “With the introduction of the carbon tax, AEC is reviewing all communications that have been received during the campaign period, starting the day after the writ is received,” the AEC said. custodia huawei “We will review any communications received as part of a campaign campaign to understand the requirements of that campaign.” “You certainly do understand these new rules, and the implications which they may have on our election process.” Senator Brandis is the first member of the Liberal National Party in parliament to make the promise.

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